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The Unseen is now Seen, My Life and The Unseen review

Ok I recieved bad news on Thursday that my Father had had a heart attack soo I haven't been too with it, it's especially hard since he lives in Paris and while I did ask him if I could come over to help him out, he would prefer if I didn't, but because he doesn't like me but because he feels he doesn't need someone taking care of him, anyway it's been stressful.

Ok now onto The Unseen review. So last Friday The Unseen was playing at the Palm Beach International Film Festival, I have been excited about going to see the film the first time I heard it was going to be playing, so I was a little overcome when on Friday afternoon, I became sick, and not in the ohh I have a little pain, as in crap i can hardly move or stop throwing up, but I was friggin determined to see this film, soo I took a load of tablets and prayed that I would make it through the film without too much discomfort. So anyway I get in my car drive 5 mins and arrive at the cinema. I was expecting the cinema to be rather full as this was a film festival after-all. but no, there really couldn't of been more than 20 people there, I was totally disapointed by the turnout, but would like to think it's due to the hardly any publicity, and the rather unmotivating extract they had of the film in the program (I don't have the program here with me, but it was about 1 sentance long, and not very intresting). So now onto my review of the film

 Is it Gale's best piece of work?????? I don't think soo. Is it better than some of his other films? I believe so. If it comes to a cinema near you, should you go see it? If you a big Gale fan, then i would say yes, but I wouldn't rearange previously made plans to go see it.
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Paraka is a Godess, oh and I have a new website ;)

The friggin most wonderful person in the world paraka has allowed me to piggy back off her website, she is just way too wonderful. soooooo....... I now have a new website, time for all of you to update your favourites, because I know I must be on it :P to *drum roll please*

Thank you..... I think the new website may very well inspire me to get some more videos out :D
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Gawked from its_ktd

List seven songs you are into right now and then tag seven more people. Post these instructions in your journal.

(I've actually decided just to do songs I listend to today as i could never figure out which songs I'm into)

1. Faithless - God is a DJ

2. The Cure - I'll Stop the World

3. Living Colour - Bi

4. Fun Loving Criminals - Barry White

5. The Stone Roses - Fools Gold

6. Hustler

7. Smokie - Alice, Alice Who the Fuck is Alice

I'm not tagging anyone either. I too just wanted to share the music